Ayurveda & Wellness

You want to recover from your noisy and stressful everyday life and attain harmony of body, mind and soul in paradisiac Sri Lanka? Then you have to try an ayurvedic treatment. The focus of the traditional Indian healing arts is on the health care as well as the treatment / therapy of diseases.

Enjoy different treatments, the ayurvedic cuisine and individual treatments in one of the top addresses in the country as for example in Bentota or Beruwala which improve your wellbeing and contribute to your health.

Ayurveda means as much as “life wisdom” or “life science” and besides the different types of massages and baths with curative oils and herbs and healthy food which is the essential thing for your health due to an ayurvedic saying, also exercise belongs to a healthy lifestyle which you can ensure by doing Yoga or other sports.

Especially for stress reduction inner calm and strength are important and you can reach them for example with the help of yoga and meditation. Of course you also cannot miss a beauty treatment with natural products, so you can shine on the inside and outside and feel completely healthy comfortable in your body.

Bird Watching

Home to a wide range of birds and butterfly Sri Lanka is also host to many migrant winged creatures.

Kumana, Kandalama, Bellanwila-Aththidiya and Kithulgala are the best location to spot Orange-billed babbler, chestnut-backed owlet, flamingoes, ibis, herons, pheasants etc while Sinharaja, Muthurajawela and Anaiwilundawa wetlands are habitats to many species of butterflies and moths.

On your trip to Lanka, do not miss the migration of Lemon Emigrant butterflies to the top of the Adam’s peak. This awe inspiring sight known as “Hill topping” during the months of April and May, is believed to be an uphill journey by butterflies to pay homage to Lord Buddha. Adam’s peak itself is a site to visit. It is a small mountain replete with religious legends and folklore, with a depression at the mountain top resembling a foot print and venerated by all religions

These sights will leave an ardent bird and butterfly watcher, naturalist and photographer awed!


You want to discover the fascination of golf or you are already professional and love new challenges? Then you are right here!

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, an excellent way to spend your time on the island is playing golf. In Sri Lanka are a number of idyllic but also challenging golf courses, where you can show your skills. Established in 1879 when the sport itself was introduced to Sri Lanka, The Royal Colombo Golf Club, located in the heart of the city is the second oldest golf club outside Britain after India’s Royal Calcutta Golf Club.

Sri Lanka is also known to host several international tournaments, including the SriLankan Airlines Golf Classic which takes place in Kandy at the Victoria Golf and Country Resort which is one of the most popular golf courses in the world.

The Nuwara Eliya Golf course is located in one of the most scenic towns of the country. It is very popular due to its beauty as well as its demanding playing standards. You can play at an altitude of 6,000 feet and chat with members in a lively bar or the restaurant of the Club. Located on the East coast of the island, the Eagle’s Golf course offers an amazing view over the sea and well-kept gardens. The golf course will test your golfing prowess since it has a few challenges that are bound to provide a tough game after which you can relax at the club house where you can enjoy the breathtaking view and a serene ambience.

You can see that Sri Lanka has to offer many unique places for lovers of this sport, which will ensure you an ultimate golfing experience. Discover the relaxing leisure activity and exciting sport on this beautiful island.

Turtle Watching

Marine turtles have been roaming the world’s oceans for about 190 million years since the time of the dinosaurs. Five out of the seven species that survive up to date come ashore to Sri Lanka to nest. Be a part of this moving ritual inscribed for millions of years in the genetic heritage of sea turtles.

Witness the slow crawl of a mother turtle coming to a secluded spot on the same beach she hatched years ago and lay eggs in the quiet, dark, undisturbed beaches. The coast at Mirissa and Tangalle is visited annually during the period of April-September by turtles to nest.

Sit on the deserted beach under the open starry night sky with the Indian Ocean beside you, vigilantly watching for the “Mama Turtles” to show up. Guide the little newborn amphibians to the shore and release them to the sea by yourself, which will become an incredible experience during your Sri Lankan holiday!

Hot air Ballooning

Chase the dawn at the speed of the wind and greet the sunrise, glide above the forests, an endless green carpet. Feel the initial adrenaline rush at the take off and soon after be lulled into a serene and tranquil experience of breathtaking views.

Watch the herd of elephants at Udawalawe splashing in the water early in the morning oblivious to your presence above them and see the deer grazing the grass, raising their heads now and then to look at you gliding past. Feast your eyes as a flock of birds fly past you in perfect harmony.

Find yourself amidst the white clouds and look below to see the rocky boulders at Sigiriya and Dambulla standing proud. Float past the ranges of mountains wrapped in mist and watch the sky been painted several shades of red, orange and purple as the sun sets in.
What more could you ask for? This is your perfect holiday!


Grab your binoculars and camera and venture into the wilderness to spend some time close to Mother Nature at the door step of exclusively world renowned national parks such as Yala, Wilpattu and Udawalawe.

Spend your day watching the freely roaming residents of the wild and at night have your dinner under the wide open starry sky while listening to the soft calls of the wild, surrounded by the greenery at your own private and exclusive wilderness location.

Be lulled to sleep inside your luxury tent by the distant growling of a leopard deep in the jungle and the evocative hoot of a tropical owl perched on a tree branch above you. Experience a state of natural bliss and luxurious comfort the Great Mother has to offer!

Tea trails

The tea country is the most scenic part of Sri Lanka with its breath taking views of the mountain ranges all around and waterfalls cascading down. Wide areas of hills are carpeted in green with the richly growing tea plants and trees punctuate the vista, majestically rising above a sea of green.
The cool climate of the hill countries adds more splendor to the experience and what more could you wish for?
Set out in the morning along the winding lanes leading uphill to the midst of the green plantations and join the tea pickers. Watch them deftly pluck “two leaves and a bud” and throw them over their heads to the bin hanging behind them. In an era filled with technology for almost anything, we Sri Lankans still prefer the traditional way of selecting the best out of the best tea leaves by ourselves.
In the evening, follow the procession of ladies walking down to the factory with their baskets filled with the day’s collection and proceed inside to see how freshly plucked tea leaves are being ground and processed to produce the world’s best tea, Ceylon Tea!
Finally end your day by savoring a cup of Ceylon tea and listen to an experienced guide telling you about the different types of tea and their medicinal properties.

Whale and Dolphin Watching

Board a luxury boat and sail off coast Kalpitiya, Mirissa , Dondra point or Trincomalee or fly over these world renowned whale and dolphin watching sites to witness the arrival of pods of mighty creatures of the sea. Spot the friendly chattering dolphin break the water surface to greet you and be awed by the giant whales of the Indian Ocean calmly glide past you.

Sri Lanka plays host to a wide variety of sea mammals, the blue whale, sperm whale and humpback whales, the spinner dolphins and the bottle nosed dolphins and the occasional orca in the months of December, January and April. Come, luxuriate in this glorious moment!


Our land of incredible beauty offers home to a stunning variety of both endemic and migratory wildlife protected within the boundaries of nature reserves and national parks at Yala , Udawalawe, Kumana, Wasgamuwa and many more.

On a trip to one of these locations alighted on a luxury jeep cruising through the varied terrains you will spot leopards, elephants, grey langhurs, sloth bears, golden jackals and so much more terrestrial inhabitants while white bellied sea eagles, grey headed fishing eagles, crested serpent eagles along with countless other birds dot the sky and the tree tops. Exult in each second you spend in the jungle, navigating through the vegetation, spotting wildlife at every step which would undoubtedly make you want to stay back and savor the moment just a little longer!

Rafting & Cannoning

You love action and need the adrenalin rush? You don´t want to spend the whole day at one of the beautiful sri lankan beaches but getting to know the diversity of landscape the country has to offer? In that case white water rafting and canyoning are the perfect activities for you.

Let yourself transport through the beautiful landscape by the rapids before you go back ashore – wet, a little bit jarred and exhausted but delighted and with one more unique and memorable experience.

Also when canyoning the thrill is included, as well as your need to exercise will be satisfied. Through abseiling, down-climbing, jumping, sliding but also swimming or sometimes even diving you get through a beautiful canyon surrounded by the jungle and you can experience and get to know the nature in a very special way.

So what are you waiting for? Let´s start your own adventure!

Heli Tours

You came to Sri Lanka, so why not fly above Lanka?

Charter an aircraft to virtually any destination of your choice at any time of the day. Witness the sacred Adam’s peak from a bird’s vantage point and be enamored by the beauty of the green hill tops blanketed in mist. Experience the view of the clear white sandy shores of Trincomalee beach with the blue waters gently lapping and let yourself be blown away with the grandeur of the hill country of Kandy and its scenic landscapes.

Fly over Yala and witness the herds of elephants and the deer gathered around a water hole for a drink. To top it off, look down to see a giant granite monolith with well-preserved ancient landscaped gardens; the Sigiriya rock fortress and fly away into the dusk among the white clouds of the sky


The pinnacle of a Sri Lankan tour is the visit to Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage; the world’s largest herd of captive Asian elephants. Initiated in the year 1975 with a mere number of 7 elephants, over 80 elephants call Pinnawala their home today.  Since its opening 40 years ago, the native jumbos at Pinnawala have been cared for by their foster human parents.

These giant yet gentle creatures wander around the sanctuary freely, being fed and bathed by their caretakers. Join them when they head out to the river twice a day to spend some time frolicking in the water and playing games with each other. Feel free to amuse yourself with them during their bath time and feeding time. Live your child-hood dream of bottle feeding a baby elephant and share your warmth with an orphan of the wild!

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