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Sri Lanka unfolds mysterious charms inspiring many travelers. Though being relatively a small island, Its vivid beauty, diverse heritage & culture that changes character within miles of traveling brings a pleasant surprise. Sri Lanka off the beaten track Uxury wild Camping offers a rare experience of an inspiring, lesser traveled holiday.

Sri Lanka still bears secrets, mysteries that is not revealed to the modern world and remained to be found by the traveler who dare to walk off the beaten track. This itinerary is all about exploring these lesser known hidden charms of Sri Lanka. This is also a holiday to experience a list of Eco-friendly accommodation options hand picked by us. Whilst the experience of this 16 days holiday will expand yourself in many folds we rest assure to keep you energized and well taken care of throughout the journey.



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Day 1 & 2 – Paramakanda & Yapahuwa ( 2:30 hours drive)
Day 1 & 2 – Paramakanda & Yapahuwa ( 2:30 hours drive)
You will be transferred straight to the lesser known mysteries upon arrival. Our guide who’s an expert and passionate specialist in the lesser known of Sri Lanka will welcome you at the airport. You will be then transfer to Mud House in Paramkanda, a secluded tropical retreat away from the beaten track.Explore Paramakanda the mysterious lesser known Rock temple which is just a stroll away. Next day visit Yapahuwa an ancient Kingdome of Sri Lanka which is according to some is more inspiring than the famous Sigirya Rock Fortress, yet lesser known for its location.While Stay at Mud House we’d recommend a refreshing kayaking session by the lake nearby or a cycle down these tropical pathways.
Accommodation – Mud House

Day 3 & 4 – Wilpattu & Thanthirimale ( hours drive)

Discover Thanthirimale, an ancient mystery remains lesser known even during when Sri Lanka went through the eras of Kings and then with the Portuguese, Dutch and the British. Thanthirimale remained hidden and mostly a mystery to many including the locals. What’s magnificent about Thanthirimale is beyond what it looks in a picture. A sharp observer will feel & experience a strange enigmatic sense when wandering in this remote part of the island. Its history is deep, far and inspiring.

Explore Wilpattu National park, still a lesser traveled national park of Sri Lanka. Just few jeeps roam about in the entire park, it is easier to discover a true tropical national park rich in endemic birds, leopards, elephants, crocodiles and many roaming freely everywhere.

Visit Thambapanni through the routes of Wilpattu. It is where the first Sinhalese king,Vijaya landed in 505BC. Thambapanni means ‘the land of copper sand’. It is believed that the landing of Vijaya’s and his followers’ hands and feet which touched the ground became red with the dust of the red earth. It later used to name the whole island for many centuries to follow. This location which bears this significant incident is still lesser known to many.
Accommodation – Palpatha Eco Lodge

Day 5,6 & 7 – Habarana & Galkadawala ( hours drive)

Galkadawala is for those who adore nature. Your accommodation will be in a forest eco-lodge, Galkadawala eco loge which is is tucked away in the midst of an ancient agricultural village surrounded by the forest, overlooking the serene Galkadawala lake. One winds his way through thickets frequently visited by elephants where you will experience the pleasure of a surprise trumpet, which remind the area that it is their territory calling for respectful indulgence reserve for jungle habitat.

“Galkadawala” is home to 133 of the 426 Avian species of Sri Lanka, and identify 49 species of butterflies along with 96 species of flora and fauna in which 80 are known to be used in Ayurvedic treatment.

Experience an early morning climbing trek to Pidurangala rock accompanied by our naturalist who would rest assure to unfold you the lesser known of the area. Peak of the Pidurangala rock gives you the best view of the Sigiriya rock fortress. You will catch the sight of this ancient mystery while standing high on this rock which in ancient history occupied by monks who practise deep meditation in caves around the rock. It is certainly a heaven for photography of the ariel view of Sigirya area and a memorable piece when you go back home.

Explore Habarana. You could enjoy kayaking in the lake nearby or a refreshing cycle through the paddy fields and typical villages.You could also explore the UNESCO protected Sigiriya as well as Dambulla Cave Monasteries while you stay here.

Accommodation – Galkadawala Eco-lodge

Day 8 & 9 – Dambana ( hours drive)

Dambana is located at the east of Sri Lanka in a remote jungle villa home to the prevailing indigenous people of this island. Dambana is renowned for its eco-tourism prospects. The indigenous people locally known as ‘Veddah’ community is now limited to only 350 families. While the Veddah leader himself is determined to sustain their livelihood, you could spend one day getting closer to this rare experience of understanding them. Our experts will assist you in the entire journey.As you will be staying over in Dambana, it is also closer to the famous Knuckles range. Accompany our naturalist and explore this magnificent mountain range.
Accommodation – Eco-Team camp tents

Day 10 & 11 – Gal-Oya National Park ( hours drive)

The Gal Oya National Park is the only national park to be experienced by a boat safari. It is home to an extensive wildlife which covers the Senanayaka Samudraya the largest inland body of water, with scattered small islands. The most spectacular sight one could observe is spotting a wild elephant swimming along side to get to those small islands. You could enjoy the boat safari as you will see many animals come to the edge of the lake to drink water. Also catch the sight of thousands of birds flying over you. Accompany our naturalist to explore and identify the best of what this national park has to offer.

You will enjoy the accommodation which is also bordered by the Gal Oya National Park..
Accommodation – Gal Oya Lodge

Day 12 & 13 – Bundala National Park ( hours drive)

Bundala is a unique national park located at the edge of the island where the land, the sea, and the wetlands meet. Bundala Park is a RAMSAR wetland habitat which is a famous bird migratory site. Its best excursion is for bird watching where Bundala attracts a frequent flock of greater flamingos during the migrant season.If you are up for another lesser known safari, visit Lunugamwera National Park which is a forested habitat different to Yala & Bundala.Your accommodation will be in Kirinda which is closer to all these excursion and itself built in the eco-friendly concept.

Accommodation – Kirinda Beach Resort

Day 14 & 15 – Tangalle ( hours drive)

Last two days of your holiday rest, refresh yourself in a beach resort where it is too, far off from the beaten track. It is located in a rekuwa beach where a good 20mins off from the main road one must drive down deliberately on that road to reach the hotel which otherwise will remain undisturbed. Its pristine and secluded long coastal strip and the private chalets with few tourists laze out on the beach and hammocks, you’ll find your perfect getaway. Disconnect from the world while perhaps relishing all your memories throughout this very special tour. Indulge yourself in the south coast for refreshing nights enjoying its delicious sea food and sound of nothing but sea waves.
Accommodation – Good Karma

Day 16 – Day of departure( hours drive)

You will be transferred to the Colombo international airport via the express highway.
May we say ‘ Ayubowan’ ( may you long live)


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